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Investment Opportunities

JMJ Group

Investment Opportunities with JMJ Group

Discover lucrative investment avenues with JMJ Group's curated Investment Opportunities.

JMJ Group offers a range of curated Investment Opportunities that cater to diverse investment preferences. Our experts diligently analyze the market to identify prospects with potential for strong returns. Whether it's real estate, startups, emerging markets, or established industries,

JMJ Group presents carefully vetted investment options that align with various risk profiles and financial objectives. With a focus on transparency and due diligence, our Investment Opportunities empower investors to make informed decisions, diversify their portfolios, and capitalize on growth prospects in both domestic and international markets.

JMJ Group's dedication to maximizing investment potential ensures that individuals and entities can confidently explore new avenues for financial prosperity.

Benefits of Investing with JMJ Group:

Options for Investing with JMJ Group:

About the Company:

  • Headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Bahrain and UAE
  • Global Asset Management Company
  • Varied business interests - Buyout / Private Equity, New Technology, Fixed Return Income
  • Funds, Quant Investments, Consulting, Single Family Office Management, Family Governance, and Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
  • Focus on growth and margin expansion opportunities ensuring superior returns to its investors
  • Management Team has decades / plentitude of industry experience
  • CEO regular speaker / moderator in the industry at various forums
  • Investors across 28 countries

Two Types of Funds:

1. Conventional Version

Features & Highlights:

  • Only for Accredited / Expert / Professional Investors
  • Minimum investment – US$ / GBP 100,000 thereafter in multiples of 1,000s
  • Fixed Annual Return – 8.50% to 10.40% per annum (depending on the amount)
  • Income Payment Frequency – Quarterly
  • Principal Protection – 100% if principal withdrawn after first year and 95% if withdrawn within one year
  • Withdrawal – Any time with a 30 banking days’ notice period
  • Open Ended Expert fund domiciled in Mauritius with Financial Services Commission (FSC)
  • Who can Invest – Individual, Corporate, Partnership Firm, Family Office, AMC, Trust, Sovereign Wealth Fund, Etc.

2. Sharia Version

Features & Highlights:

Wealth Preservation: The key to navigate the Investment maze of Turbulent 2020’s

  • Minimum Investment: USD/ GBP 150,000 thereafter multiples in 1,000’s
  • Investment Price: At latest declared NAV per share (NAV declared monthly)
  • Expected Annual Dividend: 8% to 10% per annum paid half yearly.
  • Investors Right to Redeem: Anytime at the discretion of the Investor, with a notice of thirty (30) calendar days, partial withdrawals are allowed till the time the principal amount invested with the Fund doesn’t fall below USD / GBP 100,000
  • Exit Load on Redemption: FIVE (5%) within first 12 months, ZERO from 13th month onwards