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Bahrain’s Residency Programs

JMJ Group

Bahrain’s Residency Programs

Specializing in facilitating the acquisition of residency visas for our clients.

Bahrain provides exclusive residency programs through property investment, including a Golden Visa Program.

At JMJ Group, we specialize in facilitating the acquisition of residency visas for our clients, offering a seamless, all-inclusive service from property shortlisting to assisting in the legal formalities during an apartment purchase, to the application and procurement of residency visas and national IDs, we manage every step of the process.

Experience a hassle-free journey towards securing your residency in Bahrain through JMJ Group.

Average Processing Time: 3-6 months

Benefits of moving to Bahrain:

1. 0% Income Tax / Wealth Tax / Capital Gains Tax / Corporate Tax
2. Ranked 9th globally and 1st in MENA for top expat destination
3. Ranked 10th globally for safest countries
4. One of the lowest investments for a freehold property visa globally.
5. Conservative to modern lifestyle, multicultural population & religious tolerance.

Minimum Requirements: